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Guided and self guided walking tours of the Dingle Peninsula and Kerry Way


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Guided and self guided walking tours of the Dingle Peninsula and Kerry Way .


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Guided and self guided walking tours of the Dingle Peninsula and Kerry Way .


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Guided and self guided walking tours of the Dingle Peninsula and Kerry Way .

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hiking tours Dingle, Kerry, Ireland
Walking and Hiking tours Dingle Way
Self guided Walking and Hiking tours Kerry Way

Irish Walking Tours in Dingle & Kerry

Philosopher John Moriarty talks about wild, natural Kerry

“I was looking out to the East out of my bedroom window just as I was getting up at around seven o’clock and there were long bands of mist all over Sliabh Luachra, East Kerry, and for the first time in my life I had to look away because it was much more than beautiful it was tremendous.”

Walking in Dingle and County Kerry is more than just an exercise, it is a great exercise. It is much more than a great measure of fresh air, and it is more difficult to find fresher air than in Kerry. It is surrounded by natural beautiful landscapes such as islands and coastal cliffs, beaches and mountains, valleys of hedgerows, and farmland. Our walking tours in County Kerry will give you limitless peace and quiet and it is the picture-perfect environment for great thoughts to flourish.

You will travel far to reach this special place. Take the time to explore it.
Take the time to truly unwind by walking through the pristine landscape of the Kingdom of Kerry. We also provide hiking tours in Dingle.  

Guided & Self-Guided Walking, Trekking & Hiking Tours in Kerry

Hiking and walking are the best ways to experience Kerry. From Killarney to Dunquin; from Dingle to Caherdaniel, the natural landscape of the wild Atlantic coast, mountains, valleys and villages dispersed throughout is best explored and discovered on foot.
Our guided and self-guided Walking and hiking tours in Kerry allows you access to the natural landscape, fresh air, a sense of space and time, nature and a freedom that is otherwise difficult to encounter.
Walking and hiking gives you the time to get the most out of this special place. Kerry is the land of the setting sun. It is a country of big skies, four seasons in one day and great light. Walking is the perfect place to drink it in deep.
Kerry is a land with a long memory. The Dingle Way and Kerry Way are like open air museums, littered with castles, ringforts, standing stones and ancient churches.  Walk in the footsteps of our ancient people by immersing yourself in one of our captivating trekking tours.
Bígi linn as the Irish saying goes. Walk with us!
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Ireland's Dingle Peninsula

Take your time – listen, feel, smell – indulge every sense and become alive.

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Ballintearman Standing Stone, Dingle Way

Archaeology of the Dingle Way

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The Dingle Way winds along for 110 miles around the Dingle Peninsula. Across mountainside, through valleys, along beaches and bothareens the Dingle Way casually passes  many ancient archeological sites. Ring forts and...

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